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Revamp in the Works Working on a revamp of the site. There are a few problems with the theme (borked comments, mobile viewing problems, etc.) that will take longer to repair than to come up with another version. Perhaps more importantly, my ideas have changed significantly since I wrote a lot of the content on the site (dating back […] Finish Reading »

FBRTA October 2012 Update: The Quick Version The current state of affairs. I experienced a significant number of delays that forced me to miss my weather window. The weather window was a concern from Day 1, and my memory tells me that I was pretty up front about it from the get go. After much reflection, it remains unclear how I could […] Finish Reading »

mountain-reflection Nature restores human nature, yet human nature underestimates the value of nature. This tendency precludes our ability to take advantage of nature’s restorative power while leading to nature’s destruction. This is one of my favorite academic articles ever. When I first read it, my immediate feeling was: “Holy @$%&! This validates the entire purpose of […] Finish Reading »

antarctica-tents First off, I don’t exempt myself from my own critiques. But now that that’s out of the way, I do find myself nostalgic for bygone ethea (pl. ethos, I had to look that one up) such as the Age of Discovery and the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. There’s something rather hollow about the current […] Finish Reading »

bio-beakers There’s something about biofuel that grabs attention. Maybe it’s the romantic idea of running our cars on free recycled waste oil from restaurants. Maybe it’s the allure of bending the ecosystem to our will to create fuel from seemingly mundane crops. Maybe it’s as close as we think we’ll personally get to Mr. Fusion from […] Finish Reading »

power-meter-bw After my last post about being more than an accidental activist, I’ve done a bit more research. I hoped to receive some feedback about specific organizations I should work with. Unfortunately, my goal was not achieved. That’s cool though… I wasn’t asking because I couldn’t find enough organizations. I asked because there are 9 zillion […] Finish Reading »

another-boat As a location decentric geo-neutral lifestyle constructing nomad time-exempt techno shama-lama-ding-dong slayer of all things that start with ‘cube’, you’ve probably had the disconcerting feeling of waking up and being freaked out for the few moments until your pupils catch up with your eyelids and your mind catches up with your GPS tracking system. If […] Finish Reading »